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Simply put, there is no better way to keep you entire body feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and fit as a regularly scheduled massage.

Our staff of certified massage therapists will be happy to consult on the best massage therapy for your needs and comfort level. Massage not only relieves pain in the body; it keeps the skin toned, reduces stress, focuses the attention span, boosts your immune system, keeps your muscles and joints limber, and releases endorphin’s and serotonin- lifting your mood and allowing for better sleep patterns.

List of Services (Facility fee is included)

Body Scrub & Deep Tissue Massage 1 hour and 30 minutes $105
Deep Tissue Massage (Acupressure Massage)

Deep Tissue or Acupressure Massage a healing method that involves applying pressure to certain meridian points on the body to relieve
pain. It involves stimulating the vital-energy points along these meridians on our body to affect maximum energy flow. It relaxes
muscular tension, balance the vital life forces of the body and aids in healing. It is important to drink plenty of water after
massage to aid in the removal of toxins. Masseurs walk on your back for better results unless you tell them not to.

1 hour

1 hour and 30 minutes



Swedish Oil Massage (Shiatsu Massage)

This oil massage help relax and settle you down with oil, combined with a unique mix of firm (deep tissue) and gentle strokes to
stimulate blood circulation, as well as increase muscle flexibility. Swedish is the most commonly offered and best-known type of
massage. This massage service does not only relieve pain in the body, it also keeps the skin toned, improves your immune system, keeps
your muscles and joints limber, releases endorphins and help you sleep better. It helps relieve tension and stress from daily life.

1 hour

1 hour and 30 minutes



Swedish Oil & Deep Tissue Combo 1 hour and 40 minutes $120
Body Scrub (Exfoliation) Service

Body Scrub helps you remove all the dead skin cells and expose a supple layer of younger skin. Making you feel refresh and
rejuvenated. Skin darkens due to pollution or exposure to dust and daily use of body lotion and oil that build up on your
skin. The Body Scrub can remove the rough skin layers, giving your skin a fresh feeling and a softer and smoother appearance.
We also wash your hair thoroughly.

35 minutes $55
Body Oil Massage in Spa Area (Women) 50 minutes $65
Full Body Combo (Scrub & Massage)

Full Body Scrub and Massage Combo service include entire body scrub(buff) for 30 min. and 45 min. massage with mineral oil that
has rejuvenating and tension relief benefit. We use freshly grated cucumber mask for your face. It refreshes the skin and helps
decrease your stress and toxins. Your skin will feel soft and delighted after. At the end of the massage, we rinse off with warm
milk and wash your hair. This service is the most popular to our customers.

1 hour and 15 minutes $85
Honey & Milk Full Body Combo (Women)

Honey and Milk service combo includes 30 min. entire body scrub and 45 min. massage. We use honey and milk, combined with oil that
offers rejuvenating and tension relief benefit. This service includes mini facial and hair wash. Honey massage will leave your skin
extremely soft, silky and smooth. This Honey massage also keeps the skin toned, reduces stress, boosts your immune system and helps
your skin to look younger and nice.

1 hour and 15 minutes $95
Aroma Oil Full Body Combo (Women)

Aroma Oil Full Body Massage service includes scrubbing (buff) your body for 30 min. and 1 hr. massage with the scents of Aroma
products. Relax your senses and decrease your stress while allowing for much blood circulation. Your skin will feel softer and you
will feel alive and much healthy. It also includes mini facial with Collagen mask that helps your skin looks younger and feels soft
and satin. This excellent massage package is one of the most desired services that we recommend highly.

1 hour and 30 minuntes $110
Premium, Gold Full Body Combo (Women)

Gold Full Body Combo is a full body scrub (buff) for 30 min., following a massage session for 1 hour and 10 min. During this superior
massage session, we wrap your body using a mineral Gold Body Gel which is the best material we use among our Gold massages. This
process calms your skin and redefines it with nutrients. It also includes application of Collagen face pack and a mini facial massage.
It will leave your skin soft and feeling superior, getting your body ready and conditioned for the rest of your day! At the end, we
wash your hair thoroughly. This is the best Premium body care service we have in the menu.

1 hour and 40 minutes $130

* Services #1 through #4 are performed on the 2nd floor in a private room.
* Services #5 through #10 are performed on the 1st floor in Spa area.
* Service #1 for Body Scrub on the 1st floor & Massage on the 2nd floor.

massageAll services available in the same building. For reservation, call:

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