Deep Tissue Massage and its Benefits

Deep tissue massage is a form of manual therapy that is performed on the soft tissues of the body, in a way that has been proven to enhance the body’s healing process and promote relaxation. Although the terms are quite similar, deep tissue massage must not be confused with deep pressure massage –deep pressure massage uses firm pressure applied evenly across the body to perform its benefits.

Other massage techniques focus on the body’s meridians, Shiatsu works by applying pressure to the meridians and pressure points of the body’s system in order to restore balance –the principles upon which shiatsu is based are very similar to those of acupuncture.

Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve the pain and tension being experienced in a particular part of the body. The techniques used are aimed at the deeper layers of muscle and tissue through the manipulation of the more superficial layers.

A skilled massage therapist will use a variety of methods to apply pressure to the body using the fingers and thumb, parts of the hand, elbows, forearms and a set implements to specific parts of the body in order to accomplish this manipulation.

As the name suggests, deep tissue massage was developed as a way to address the muscles and tissue deep beneath the top layers of muscle and tissue –most conventional massages fail to reach this level. The muscles in this region can be susceptible to extreme tension which can result in a musculoskeletal system that is not properly balanced — this can cause chronic pain.  

People who are experiencing chronic muscular pain may benefit from the relaxing and curative benefits of a deep tissue massage. This can be especially beneficial to those whose work involves performing strenuous tasks or maintaining one position for prolonged periods of time –such as sitting or standing work.

Another great benefit of deep tissue massage is for people who are recovering from an accident or injury and are in the process of rehabilitation. Because of the intense nature of the techniques used in deep tissue massage, it is not advisable to apply this across the entire body.

A deep tissue massage involves preparing the tissue and the area around the targeted tension –this involves the “kneading” process.  Without the proper preparation, it is possible to incur an injury. There is no danger that the massage will go to deep –only that it might be done too quickly.

Using different parts of the arms and hands, the massage therapist will begin relaxing the muscles above the targeted tension — by working slowly and carefully the therapist can work the body in layers, reaching deeper and deeper through the tissue and muscle.

Knots of tension deep in the tissue must be treated carefully. One method is to place the pressure of the thumb directly above the knotted muscle and hold pressure there through the layers of tissue for a few breaths while the knot relaxes. Another way is to move the thumb in small circles while keeping the pressure on –this will help to keep the blood circulating and enhance the healing process.  

Once the tension has been addressed as necessary, the therapist can add some follow upstrokes that will help to integrate the treatment. It is only natural for patients to feel some soreness after a session, but this will soon be gone and replaced with greater comfort and relaxation.

We offer Acupressure Massage – a Shiatsu style technique, Swedish Massage, and other body treatments. Our staff of certified massage therapists will be happy to consult on the best massage therapy for your needs and comfort level.

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