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What Are “Manual Therapies” and How Are They Used?

Manual therapies have been used to treat musculoskeletal disorders for thousands of years. Practitioners around the world—in countries with many different cultural influences… 0

Meditation and Your Health—What the Science Says

Researchers have found in study after study that meditation can offer both mental and physical health benefits. Doctors and integrative health programs increasingly… 0

How to Know if Stress is Affecting Your Health and Well-Being

Everyone deals with stress in their lives. And—in small doses—this can be a very good thing. Manageable amounts of stress can actually help… 0

Standing More Often: A Prescription for Better Health?

It seems that almost every day we see new research coming out about the perils of inactivity and sitting too much. We’re becoming… 0

Exercise to Prevent and Treat Back Pain: The Latest Research

When someone decides to visit the doctor about musculoskeletal pain, back pain is the most common complaint. Sometimes back pain is the result… 0

How to Cope With Changing Sleep Patterns

As we go old along with the physical changes that occur as we get older, changes to our sleep patterns are a part… 0

Good Posture

Do you have a good or bad posture? How is your posture right now? Are you sitting upright? Are you slouching your back?… 0

Manual Therapy and Massage Therapy

Some people may think of a massage as a simple indulgence, but to some, it can be a great tool for overall health… 0

Why Muscles Burn After I Workout

Why Do My Muscles Burn After Workout It is always good when you feel relaxed and healthy and many of us know that… 0

Importance of Deep Breathing

Importance of Deep Breathing Deep Breathing is just one of the most simple trick to automatically get energized and focused and also helps… 0

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