Starve a Cold and Feed a Fever?

Most of us have probably heard the old adage “starve a cold and feed a fever” (with some believing that it’s the other… 0

Best Exercises For Preventing Shin Splints

Although you may have heard the term before, you may not know exactly what a “shin splint” is. It's a common term for… 0

The Latest Research on Restricted-Calorie Diets

The notion that a restricted-calorie diet can increase our lifespan has been around since an experiment that was done on rats in 1934. … 0

One Fish, Two Fish, Good Fish, Bad Fish? Making the Right Seafood Choices for You and Your Family

There’s no question about it—food has become complicated.  Issues ranging from genetically modified organisms, potentially toxic herbicides and pesticides and long-term soil depletion… 0

What is “Sick Building Syndrome”?

If you find yourself inexplicably leaving work each day with flu-like symptoms that seem to disappear overnight or on weekends, you may be… 0

The Benefits of Potassium

As the third most common mineral in the body, potassium is responsible for supporting a wide range of bodily activities. Without sufficient potassium,… 0

Essential Facts About West Nile Virus

West Nile virus (WNV) is a mosquito-borne disease that has become an increasing problem since it first appeared in the United States in… 0

Health Risks for Frequent Flyers

Back in the early days of commercial flight, flying was a costly, exclusive and elegant form of travel. People would dress in their… 0

What is “Enzyme Therapy” and How Can it Help You?

“Enzyme therapy” is a very broad term that can refer to any of a wide range of (mostly alternative) medical treatments intended to… 0

Tips for Cold Weather Exercise

No need to be stuck in the gym all winter long! Exercising out in the fresh winter air can be healthy and invigorating…. 0

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